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What is a HACCP study?

The development of H.A.C.C.P (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) study is imposed by the Greek and European legislation and refers to all businesses involved in any stage of the food and beverage management chain.

The study defines the crucial control points (C.C.Ps) for food and beverage management, resulting in the implementation of an optimal monitoring system. The appropriate precautionary measures and the necessary monitoring records are defined through this specific methodology.

HACCP study benefits

  • Compliance with the requirements of current legislation on food and beverage safety and hygiene (Food and Beverage Code, Reg. 852/2004, Sanitary Regulation No. Υ1Γ 47829/23-6-2017 (Greek Government Gazette issue B 2161/23-6-2017)).
  • Greater and better response to customer requirements
  • Improvement of food and beverage safety management
  • Upgraded management of product withdrawal or recall cases
  • Staff training on food and beverage safety management
  • Improved operation and efficiency in terms of products’ production procedures and services offered
  • Added value and expertise of the company

What is the role of IDEC SA?

  • Assessment of current planning and infrastructure
  • Risk assessment of raw materials, products and processes
  • Risk assessment, implementation of recognition branching and critical control points’ (CCPs) identification
  • Preventive measures definition and implementation plan of good G.M.P. practices.
  • HACCP Study and required documentation – records development.
  • Training of the coordinator, food safety team and staff on the implementation of H.A.C.C.P study and legislative requirements
  • Consulting Services for the organisation and preparation of certification in compliance with the international standard (i.e. Codex Alimentarius)
  • Management System monitoring and support according to the current needs following the initial certification
  • Scientific support on relevant legislation and regulations

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