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What are the Environmental Assessments?

They involve studies on the management and utilisation of wastewater and water resources, consulting and technical services in the field of industrial workplace safety.

It is expected that by the end of the current decade, global demand for primary water sources will surpass 40% of supply. Furthermore, the ongoing increase in energy costs has already started to cause the rising of water price, not expected to stop or subside in the next few years. The good management and recovery of wastewater is an increasingly pressing issue from a practical, economic and legislative point of view. The right management of water resources and the water footprint of each company is also an integral step towards achieving sustainable development, energy neutrality and reducing carbon emissions. In the years to come, wastewater management (municipal and industrial) in large, centralised plants is also expected to become unprofitable and since 1991, the European Union has been encouraging the creation of decentralised treatment plants.

Wastewater can be reliably utilised at generally low operating costs both for high quality water production, suitable for a wide range of applications and energy production, generating a short-term profit for the company. This requires a correct needs sizing and each company’s potential, a characteristics assessment of each waste or water source, the design of the optimal treatment method, the selection of the appropriate water purification method (tertiary treatment), the strategy design for the use of the recovered water and the accurate calculation of the necessary equipment and infrastructure investments leading to a high quality and high reliability result.

Safety services include studies for the concentration and dispersion assessment of chemical and biological agents in industrial workplaces and material storage areas, including the design and upgrading of safety protocols and infrastructure to ensure employees’ safety and hygiene.

Whom is it addressed to?

Safety services are addressed to small or large storage and handling units of materials and raw materials, existing waste processing – separation – storage units, mining facilities, livestock establishments, factories with raw material warehouses, public transport and any company wishing to assess and/or improve the air quality in its workplace.

Wastewater and water resources’ management and utilization services are addressed to all industries or businesses with high water consumption (e.g. hotel establishments, mining plants, industrial laundry facilities, textile plants, food production plants, agricultural plants, etc.), factories remotely located from EYDAP (drinking water supply network) and utilise groundwater, industries that produce polluted water (e.g. livestock farms, slaughterhouses and rendering plants, etc.) and/or hazardous liquid waste (printing plants, metalworking plants, oil waste treatment plants, etc.) and may be entrusted to external management bodies, factories, complexes or settlements outside the centralised sewerage system plan and any undertaking aiming to reduce its environmental and energy footprint in general.

Benefits for the business

There are multiple and multi-layered benefits for each company through adopting a globally good environmental management system. Firstly, the company is benefited financially since its operational costs are reduced, both because of the reduced environmental charges it is required to pay and the use of recycled materials in its procedures.

Secondly, a well-structured environmental management and occupational health and safety protocol reduces the chances of occupational accidents and incidents of environmental nuisance or pollution. In addition, it also plays a structural role in the company’s energy saving and materials recovery and utilization strategy, offering both immediate and long-term benefits.

Thirdly, it is ahead of the curve and ready to comply with the increasing requirements of local and international legislation, while it connects the business to the demands and sensitivities of the modern world by expanding its market access.

Last but not least, it contributes to the planet’s natural resources better utilisation, as part of a global effort to prevent their potential scarcity and achieve a more sustainable and environmentally conscious development.

Role of IDEC S.A.

IDEC S.A., having extensive experience in environmental management systems and business consulting with its highly qualified consultants, can help you effectively solve your problems by providing the following services:

Studies of Liquid Waste & Groundwater Treatment Plants

i. Studies of Liquid Waste & Groundwater Treatment Plants
ii. Treatment Method Design
iii. Prefabrication studies
iv. Construction studies
v. Operational Upgrade Studies
vi. Operational Restart Studies
vii. Quality Control Protocol Design
viii. Quality Control Laboratory Design
ix. Compilation of Safety, Monitoring, Operation & Maintenance Protocols.
x. Start-up & Optimisation of Plant Operation
xi. Operation & Maintenance of Units
xii. Liquid Waste Hazard Assessment Studies (CSR Classification)
xiii. Design of Tertiary Treatment Systems
xiv. Design of Treated Water Reuse & Disposal Systems

Technical & Consulting Services for the environment

  • Design of Measurement & Monitoring Protocol for Chemical & Biological Agents’ Concentrations in Air at Workplaces and Material Storage Sites
  • Measurement of Chemical (airborne & gaseous pollutants) & Biological Agents’ Concentrations in Air & Mapping of Dispersion Pathways
  • Compilation & Upgrading of Operational Safety Protocols

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