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AEO Certificate

AEO – Authorised Economic Operators

Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) Certificate

Authorised Economic Operators (businesses) are reliable operators granted a special certificate by the customs authorities, with certain procedural facilitations and simplifications, both when importing and exporting goods.

Manufacturers/producers, exporters, transport agents, warehouse managers (customs warehouse or temporary storage), customs brokers, transporters and importers may obtain the AEO certification.

The AEO certification categories are the following:

AEOC Certificate – Customs Simplifications: it applies to economic operators / businesses seeking to benefit from the simplifications provided for in customs legislation.

AEOS Certificate – Security and Safety: it applies to economic operators / businesses requesting facilitations during customs controls concerning protection and security, when goods enter and exit the Community.

AEO – Customs Simplifications / Security and Safety (AEOF): combination of the first two categories.

AEO benefits

  • Easier access to customs simplifications
  • Less physical and documentary controls
  • Priority on control issues in case goods are selected for control
  • Control points’ selection
  • Reduced data set for summary declarations
  • Notification prior to goods’ arrival
  • Indirect Benefits such as fewer thefts and losses, less delays in goods’ shipments, improved planning, active employees’ participation, supplier audits’ reduced costs, less problems detected timely by employees etc.
  • Competitive advantage for business Marketing

 Role of IDEC S.Α.

  • Current business status assessment
  • Action plan development
  • Registration and validation of required procedures
  • Development of necessary documentation/ records
  • Consulting support in managing technical measures
  • Staff training
  • Preparation and Support in case of Customs and G.S.I.S. certification inspections
  • Settling any outstanding issues (non compliance) that may arise

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