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European quality mark for thermal solar products (SOLAR KEYMARK)


It is a recognised European quality mark for thermal solar systems. Specifically, it is a voluntary certification scheme established and supported by the European Thermal Solar Systems Industry Federation (ESTIF).
An independent body certifies the product’s compliance with European standards:

  • EN12975 (for solar thermal collectors)
  • EN12976 (for factory made systems)

To whom is it addressed?

The SOLAR KEYMARK label is addressed to manufacturers of Thermal Solar Systems or Collectors.

Benefits for the company

  • Production procedure guarantee.
  • Excellent production quality based on the latest European standards.
  • Energy efficiency monitoring of the product via laboratory tests.
  • Rigorous product safety standards.

Related standards

A company manufacturing thermal solar systems, already granted the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification for its products’ design and production, has an important infrastructure to obtain SOLAR KEYMARK certification for its products, since they share many common management system requirements.

Role of IDEC S.A.

IDEC, having extensive experience in management systems and business consulting, has the necessary know-how to develop a system based on standard requirements. IDEC’s services include the following:

  • Diagnostic study implementation to identify the company’s deficiencies based on standard requirements.
  • Action plan establishment. System procedures’ recording and verification.
  • Staff training.
  • Conducting inspections to ensure the system is properly implemented.
  • Representation and support during the Certification Body’s inspection.
  • Settling any outstanding issues (non compliance) that may arise.
  • Support the company following its certification by carrying out internal inspections and providing consulting services.

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