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ISO 37001

What is ISO 37001 standard?

The Anti-Bribery Management System (ISO 37001) was published in October 2016 and was designed to help companies establish, implement, maintain and improve a planning system according to the non-bribery culture. It includes a set of measures and controls widely accepted, which constitute good anti-bribery practices. 

The standard is flexible and can be adapted to both small and large undertakings while its implementation can lead to standard certification, adding value, prestige and credibility to the organisation. 

ISO 37001 benefits

  • Enhanced corporate image and company’s positioning in the market as ethical

  • Strengthened relations between the company and its stakeholders (staff, customers, suppliers, etc.)

  • Powerful system able to prove appropriate anti-bribery measures’ introduction in case of investigation

    • Participation in public and private tenders, safeguarding the company’s procedures

    Role of IDEC S.A.

    • Development of adequate documentation and forms to facilitate the anti-bribery system monitoring
    • Consulting support to monitor and improve system’s operation
    • Supervision of the system’s implementation and compliance
    • Certification procedure support
    • Conduct internal audits of all departments/procedures

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