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What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, is a legal framework for the protection of personal data in all EU Member States. It radically changes the way businesses and organisations collect, process and manage all forms of personal data, setting the circumstances under which personal data may be used, stored, deleted, transferred and generally processed and especially how they are protected.

GDPR applies to every organization and company in Europe managing personal data in any way and every company doing business in the EU territory. To demonstrate compliance, each organisation must analyse all parameters according to its operation and develop the appropriate management and documentation system.

GDPR benefits

  • Evidence of compliance with legislative requirements
  • Improved company’s planning and management
  • Enhanced electronic and non-electronic data management systems’ security
  • Building customers’ and other stakeholders’ trust
  • Competitive advantage
  • Customers, employees, suppliers or other parties avoid fines and lawsuits in case of personal data breach
  • Readiness to undergo successfully possible Data Protection Authority audits

Role of IDEC S.A.

  • Assessment of current planning and infrastructure

  • Assessment of IT systems and other technical measures

  • Risk identification and assessment of business personal data and impact assessment

  • Development of a GDPR compliance action plan

  • Development of appropriate policies, procedures, records and management measures

  • Staff training on Regulation and data protection measures

  • Inspection of the GDPR system implementation and compliance assessment

  • Management system monitoring and support according to current needs following the initial introduction and implementation

  • Scientific support on relevant legislation and regulations

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