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FSP – Food Safety Plan

What is FSP – Food Safety Plan?

The development of a Food Safety System (FSP – Food Safety Plan), according to the US food safety legislation, demonstrates a company is compliant with the requirements of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Implementing such a system, in conjunction with its certification by an independent entity, is mandatory for its integration in the list of approved exporters to the USA.

The FSMA (Food Safety and Modernization Act) management system is compliant with the most rigorous food safety standards, adding value to the certified company as well as potential for new business opportunities in the US market.

FSP – Food Safety Plan benefits

  • Possibility to export to the USA
  • Access to US brokers and importers
  • Competitive advantage, enhanced business prestige and marketing
  • Compliance with US regulatory requirements for safe and quality products
  • Better management of product recall cases
  • Adoption of a safety and quality culture
  • Improved organisation and productivity
  • Readiness during unannounced FDA inspections
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Use of appropriate control measures, minimising failures and incorrect practices when exporting to the USA

What is the role of IDEC SA?

  • Assessment and identification of infrastructure and procedure restructuring requirements, where applicable
  • Risk assessment and development of a plan to prevent fraud (Food Fraud) and attacks (Food Defense)
  • Development of a flexible and efficient FSP System
  • Guidance and scientific support for labeling compliance on products to be exported to the USA
  • Training of the coordinator, food safety team, and staff by an approved PCQI in FSP implementation, mandatory record keeping and legislative requirements
  • Consulting Services for the organisation and preparation of certification
  • Management System monitoring and support according to the current needs following the initial certification

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