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Search Engine Marketing

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising is one of the most efficient ways of online advertising, where the advertiser pays a fee when someone clicks on their ad when displayed.

The most common form of PPC Advertising is the ads that appear in search results on search engines such as Google and Bing.

What are the benefits of PPC Advertising?

  • Quick and efficient approach to new customers and increased sales
  • Ability to find new potential customers exactly at the moment they are searching for services and products through internet search engines
  • Achieve results at a very low cost compared to traditional marketing and advertising methods
  • Access to advertising channels that many people use every day
  • Exploit the possibilities of specific targeting of potential customers according to the strategy of the company
  • Ability to expand into new markets irrespective of geographical or other constraints
  • It is one of the best strategies for strengthening the company’s position against the competition
  • Unlimited possibilities for customisation which cover all business needs and the specifics of almost all products and services
  • Customised tools which allow the collection of all information on consumer behaviour and enable optimisation and adaptation to the requirements of each business

Our services

  • Development of an advertising plan

  • Identification of the appropriate target groups according to the needs of the business

  • Design and creation of advertisements according to the plan

  • Monitoring and analysis of the performance of the advertisements and the achievement of the goals set

  • Conducting customized surveys that aim to optimize the performance of PPC Advertising

  • Training in web-based customer/project/work management applications

  • Internet application implementation services (e.g. e-shop, digital marketing)

Why choose us?

  • Know how

    The IDEC SA team is made up of experts in the field of Digital Marketing with experience in all sectors of activity, in ecommerce, B2B and B2C

  • Expertise

    Executives with expertise in the fields of Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business Development can support and guide your business to achieve your goals

  • Reliability

    We develop cooperative relationships based on trust and aimed at long-term cooperation. We provide our services with consistency, professionalism and commitment to your needs

  • Efficiency

    Every move we make is carefully planned and tailored to the specific characteristics of each project. We work towards achieving specific, measurable and clearly defined objectives that we define with you

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