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ΕΝ 15593

Safety management of food packaging materials

What is EN 15593?

EN 15593 sets out specific requirements for the safety management of packaging materials intended to come into contact with food. The application of EN 15593 specifies requirements for food packaging suppliers and manufacturers, including storage and transport.

This standard is based on risk assessment and risk analysis, identifying appropriate levels of control points. The requirements are formulated so that they can be easily integrated into other relevant management systems such as ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 etc.

What are the benefits of EN 15593?

  • It enhances the reputation (marketing – sales) and credibility of the organisation both in the local and international market
  • Strengthening the safety level of food packaging materials
  • Enhances the smooth operation, reliability and efficiency of the Directorates/Divisions/Collaborators
  • Demonstrates through an independent body that European – national – international requirements are applied
  • Demonstrates the commitment of the organisation’s top management to provide services and products with a focus on safety and quality
  • Annual evaluations help the organisation to monitor its performance and continuously improve

What is the role of IDEC AE?

  • Evaluation of the current level of organisation and infrastructure
  • Consultancy support in order to exploit opportunities for organisation and improvement
  • Development of the required documents (Manual, Procedures, printed documents)
  • Staff training
  • Supervision of the implementation of EN 15593 requirements
  • Internal audit of all processes
  • Support of the certification process
  • Monitoring and support of the management system according to existing needs after the initial certification
  • Scientific support on relevant legislation and regulations

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