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BRC – IFS – Food Safety Managemen

What is BRC – IFS standard?

The development of a food safety management system is, as per the BRC international standard (British Retail Consortium) or the IFS (International Food Standard), the best way for a company to prove it considers and fulfills its customers’ demands, who own or do business with companies in countries implementing these standards (e.g. the UK and Germany respectively).

The implementation of such a system entails obtaining an international certificate according to IFS or BRC. The certification, besides its contribution to the organisation’s food safety management, also serves as a tool for improved prestige, reputation and credibility of the company, leading to new business opportunities.

BRC – IFS benefits

  • Enhanced domestic and global market access opportunities focused on UK and German markets
  • Competitive advantage and enhanced marketing
  • Evidence of compliance with the requirements of current food and beverage safety legislation
  • Greater and better response to customer requirements
  • Maximisation of the food and beverage safety management
  • Upgraded management of product withdrawal or recall cases
  • Adoption of food and beverage safety management culture
  • Improved operation and efficiency in terms of products’ production procedures and services offered
  • Added value and know-how of the company

Ποιος είναι ο ρόλος της IDEC AE;

  • Assessment and identification of infrastructure requirements
  • Risk assessment of raw materials, products and processes
  • HACCP Study development. Definition of preventive measures and monitoring plan for checkpoints
  • Development of required documentation (Manual, procedures, hard copy and necessary records)
  • Development of allergen management plans, food defense, food fraud
  • Training of the coordinator, food safety team and staff on the implementation of the system and legislative requirements
  • Consulting Services for the organisation and preparation of certification in compliance with the international standard
  • Management System monitoring and support according to the current needs following the initial certification

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