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ISO 50001

Energy Management System

What is ISO 50001 standard?

The ISO 50001 standard can be applied to all businesses and organisations in all sectors of the economy and provides the framework for the development of an Energy Management System.

ISO 50001 seeks to analyse the current energy situation and needs, define savings proposals and develop procedures aimed at reducing operating costs.

Benefits of ISO 50001

  • Reducing operating costs (e.g. fostering better utilisation of energy-consuming equipment) 
  • Establishing good energy management practices
  • Setting specific targets for energy efficiency 
  • Benchmarking, measuring, documenting and improving energy intensity and environmental impact 
  • Identification of energy needs and opportunities for energy improvement 
  • Reducing risks related to energy security by improving energy performance 
  • Demonstrating compliance with legislative and other requirements related to energy management
  • Increased turnover
  • Possibility to use certification as a supportive means to access markets and tenders

Role of IDEC S.A.

  • Assessment of the current situation

  • Supporting the identification of savings opportunities

  • Development of the required documentation (Manual, Procedures, documents)

  • Staff training

  • Supervision of ISO 50001 requirements’ implementation

  • Internal audit of all procedures

  • Certification procedure support

  • Management system monitoring and support according to the current needs

    • Scientific support on relevant legislation and regulations

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