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IWAY (IKEA standard)

What is IWAY?

It is a code of conduct developed by IKEA multinational company, first introduced in 2000. It specifies the requirements the company sets for its products’ and services’ suppliers. Besides the main standard, there are several industry-specific requirements as well as a specific code of conduct for child labour. IKEA suppliers must comply with the Code of Conduct’s content and communicate it to their employees and subcontractors.

Whom is it addressed to?

IWAY is a specialised corporate standard and applies to suppliers/subcontractors of IKEA Group products and services. Each IKEA supplier/subcontractor must comply with the IWAY standard to maintain its contract with IKEA.

How is a company certified?

Right after complying with the IWAY Code of Conduct, a special IKEA inspector carries out a certification inspection. Upon successful inspection, a certificate of Code compliance is issued to the company, enabling it to start/continue cooperating with the IKEA Group.

Benefits for the business

Compliance with IKEA’s IWAY Code of Conduct offers the following benefits:

  • The possibility to start collaborating with IKEA Group.
  • All staff and management members are gradually becoming environmentally conscious.
  • Improved company’s organisational structures
  • Work ethic awareness
  • Identification and elimination of operational risks
  • Ensuring compliance with the legislation with the perspective to demonstrate compliance to the competent authorities and other interested parties
  • Enhanced corporate public image
  • Competitive advantage for the company’s marketing.

Role of IDEC S.A.

Our company, with significant experience in implementing, complying with and certifying companies with respect to IKEA’s IWAY Code of Conduct, offers a comprehensive support package including:

  • A current working environment study and needs’ diagnosis
  • Company analysis by department or by each distinct task (process analysis according to Code terminology)
  • Setting methods and criteria for process control
  • Development of the required documentation (digital or hard copy)
  • Staff training
  • Supervision of IWAY requirements’ implementation
  • Supervision of relevant records and evidence maintenance
  • Drafting a documentation form for IWAY compliance
  • Undertaking all procedures up to final certification
  • System support following the certification and during the implementation

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